Traffic Token Review From An Actual User.

Hi Brian Davis here. This is my personal review of Traffic Token, an actual user of the service. You will not find any links to join Traffic Token in this review. However; there may be links to Traffic Token in the comments.

I want to say very clearly. I am not saying that Traffic Token is a scam or that the traffic is bad. What I am saying, is the traffic is questionable with many red flags for what I wanted to use it for.

At first I wasn't tracking hits but only conversions. Traffic Token doesn't charge per click like you may find in a traditional solo ad. Over the years I have bought numerous solo ads. I know that sometimes you'll hit a home run, others you're lucky to even brake even.

With Traffic Token I noticed an unusual opt-in rate. And while I would like to think my capture pages are that good, I know when something fishy is going on.

I put up a video squeeze page made specifically for Traffic Token. I tracked from the time the lead hit the page, to the time their email was entered. All time stamped, with IP address.

What I noticed is in almost every case, is that from the time a Traffic Token lead landed on my video squeeze page, they entered their email within 3 to 5 seconds.  And while I would like to think that my video is that good, it's unrealistic to expect people to opt-in 3 seconds after landing on the page.

With so many red flags, I created a page with nothing on it except and opt-in form. There was no writing, no head line, absolutely nothing on the page and yet people that came to the page via Traffic Token were entering their email. What I don't know is whether the emails are being injected via some type of script, or the people are being paid to fill out the forms.

I'll close with this. The folks at Traffic Token are really helpful. Their support is impeccable and I am not any way saying that they are willingly and knowingly promoting or misrepresenting the service. I believe that perhaps through shear numbers you may get a Traffic Token lead that actually converts to a paid member.

With that, I do not recommend traffic token if your goal is to promote an opportunity such as MLM, affiliate or make money from home program.


7 thoughts on “Traffic Token Review From An Actual User.

  1. Are you familiar with any of these lead sources or have a review


    • Hi Deni, I don’t really do reviews. And please be careful when you do find reviews about programs in the generate leads to make money with the internet. They will often give you misleading information. Prime examples are behindmlm and wealthyaffilates.

  2. For the most part I keep business and personal accounts seperate. I was using a PayPal debit card connected to a bank account with limited funds.

    Even after I cancelled Traffic Token attempts to charge my card 147+47+17 continued. And each time my bank charged me 29 insufficient funds fee and PayPal charged me as well. -$400 later.

    I had to contact my bank to stop all PayPal debit charges.

  3. I used traffic token. Compared to solo ads, the opt-in rates were quite promising. But tracking the leads further down into my funnels, I never ever saw a single engagement from a traffic token lead.
    No engagement = zero clicks on links in Thank You Page, zero clicks on links in emails and zero sales of course.
    I suspected the opt-ins were fake.
    I then sent the traffic to lead generation offers, where I would get paid once these leads sign up.
    Zero earnings from there too.
    You can make up your mind for yourself. I quit traffic token after two months never to return

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