The Undeniable Truth Of How They Got To The Top Of The Leader board.

Okay, so you joined an MLM or Affiliate program. You promoted your arss off and you got a few signups. You have been in the company for about 3 months now. You have around 10 or 15 downline members, then all of the sudden…

Someone comes along and joins the same company and within a week they're at the top of the leaderboard, bringing in 30 to 4o new signups a day. And you're like WTF. 

The truth in most cases, is they have a big contact list they have probably worked really hard to build. And it's important to understand that it's not just about building a big list, it's also about how you build that list.

When you see, what appears to be someone having overnight success, I can almost assure you they had tons of failure in the past. But what separates them is they didn't quit. They continued to build their own list. They continue to focus on branding and building a relationship with their subscribers.

So the next time you see someone jump to the top of a leaderboard, it's not because they have some magical secret button. They built their list.

Traffic Leads And Cash

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