Be careful When Promoting Some Marketing Systems.

Wake Up – Are You Building Someone Else, And Probably Helping To Make Them A Lot Of Money!

I see so many hard working internet marketers. Throwing away their valuable time promoting systems that don't allow them to capture the lead first. These systems will steal your referrals quicker than a cat and lick its' you know what.

We've all heard the phrase, “Systems Work, People Fail.” and there's some validity in that statement. Many generic marketing system enables people to get started quickly. The process usually goes something like this. Enter your email, join these programs, change the links to yours and promote.

Sounds easy enough. Well you have to be extremely careful if you're going to promote ANY marketing system there are some very important things to consider.

  1. Who gets the lead? Does the lead go on your list or the system owner who
    let's you export them (gee thanks, LOL).
  2. Can you use your own domain or at least mask the system affiliate links and if
    you do mask or cloak it, check the link to see where it goes. If it goes back to the
    owner – Get out of there.
  3. Do the owners of the system blast out there personal links to people you refer?

I could write a 100 more things to look out for. Bottom line, be careful, some systems will steal you blind.


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