Easy Cash Code, Is it A Rip Off?

I've always liked instant pay programs. The instant income can help you offset your advertising cost, not to mention it keeps you motivated and going.  

Currently I'm not promoting anything instant, and thought EasyCashCode would be a nice little $18 program to add to my portfolio.  

The first thing I was hit with after I paid my $18 were upgrades and reseller fee of $47.00. 

If I understand right, even if you pay the $47 resller fee and you purchase the $67 and $97 products, everyone below you must do the same or it passes up to admin.  

Let me explain. You pay $18 $47, $67 and $97. You sponsor John who only pays the $18. John sponsors Mary, and Mary buys everything. Well the $67 and $97 don't roll up to you, they go to admin.  To me that's doesn't seem quite right.

Bottom line, don't waste your $18 on Easy Cash Code, just my opinion. 


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