What are the best leads for affiliate and network marketing.

My name Is Brian Davis and I'm on Internet marketer. I generate leads for the affiliate marketing and network marketing niche and I teach marketers how to generate leads.

The best lead is one that you generate through your own lead capture page. A lead capture page that has either your picture or video on it.

By a lead seeing your picture or video before opting in, you are immediately building a relationship with
that person.

People don't join business or programs, they join other people.

Do not buy leads.

Lead vendors will tell you to buy leads, because that is what they do. They generate generic opportunity
seeker leads and the resell them to you.

The problem with generic lead vendor leads are 

1. They filled out a form that may of had nothing
to do with what you are promoting.

2. Often they have no idea how they got on the
lead vendors list of leads to be sold.

I believe there is a time and place of bought leads, but they will never be the best leads.

The best leads will always be the ones that have filled out a form on your lead capture page. And
that page should have your picture and or video on it.

Your follow up messages should also have your picture at the bottom above your signature.

If you need help in creating a squeeze page and follow up messages that brand you, so you too can generate the best leads.

Brian Davis.

stop babysitting your downline and you will make more money.

It's true, stop baby sitting and stop chasing your downline or referrals and start concentrating on you. If those in your downline want to succeed as bad as you do, if they put in the hard work and effort like you, then you won't have to baby sit them.

Listen please don't mistake helping your downline with baby sitting. It really is polar opposite things.

 It was my fault, but I lost the original post on this.

10xrecruiter.com Review.

10XrecruiterHey It's Brian Davis here. And please let me be upfront, I am a member of 10xrecruiter.com I tell you that, upfront because I am going to include a link to my personal 10xrecruiter.com capture page.  The last program that I joined was in 2013, that was 3 years ago and I am still with that program.

As a matter of fact, I have been with one program since 2007.  Point is I don't jump from program to program.  I'll make squeeze pages and funnels that may appear to be a new program or opportunity that I've joined, when in reality, it's a program that I have been a member of for many years.

When Tim Sebert called me about 10xrecruiter.com and gave me a brief nickel tour over the phone, it peaked my interest.  I worked with Tim in GDI starting in early 2000's and I'm still active with GDI. As a matter of fact I still get commissions with GDI and I have not promoted it hardly at all. I do have a link to it in my 10XRecruiter business profile. 

BehindMLM Fruit Cakes.

I did a quick Goolge search for 10X Recruiter review, and of course Behind MLM shows up. Whoever writes the post over at BehindMLM are absolute fruit cakes. They write a bunch of useless information that may appeal to both the active member of whatever company they're bashing as well as the person who didn't make make any money and blames the company, the products, the leadership.

So what happens is this. Let's say you get a member who joins 10xrecruiter they start promoting and run accross behindmlm bogus review of 10XRecruiter, naturally that member will be offended and go straight into defending 10XRecruiter by posting on BehindMLM. Then after time goes by you'll get people who joined 10XRecruiter but sat on their butt and never promoted or never made any money jump on the same behindmlm bandwagon and agree with those jack asses.

100% no questions asked money back grantee! That should be reason enough to join 10XRecruiter.com today.

10xrecruiter.com bonus pool10X Recruiter weekly bonus pool at $6219.00 for the week of 05/14/2016. That should tell us that 10Xrecruiter.com is picking up momentum and doing so very quickly.  With that, the person behind the technology of 10XRecruiter.com is Randy Thomas.  I and many others have used Randy Thomas' system to build teams in GDI that still pay to this day well over a decade.