There Is A Difference Between Recruiting People And Selling Stuff.

It amazes me how many “Network and or Affiliate Marketers” talk about recruiting via social media.  But what I see people do is throw their Join Me Now links all over Facebook and they wonder why their not making 20,000 a month. I’ll be honest, I’m not one to even attempt to tell anyone how to market … Read more

How to Attract Prospects While You Sleep.

“Welcome to this week’s attraction marketing “Biz Builder” lesson.

Today we have multi-7 Figure producer and online lead generation expert, Ferny Ceballos—that’s me!—, on “How to Attract Prospects While You Sleep.”

In this video, Ferny reveals how he’s able to attract prospects and have hundreds per day submitting their contact information 24/7 to him and get them to pay for his business expenses, even before anyone joins his team.”

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Drop 10 Pounds While You Sleep.

I take Skinny Body Max during the day before meals and Hiburn8 at bed time. When it comes to managing your weight, supporting a healthy body, and maintaining important body functions, very few things are as important as a good night’s sleep. NOW, for the FIRST TIME EVER, Skinny Body Care has combined some of … Read more

My Leasedadspace Review And Results.

Last night, 21 August 2016, I finally decided to purchase the $7 ad package from Leasedadspace.  I seen this quite a few times, but really didn't think much of it, after all what results can you really get from a $7 solo ad.

I really didn't expect much. Here are the results.

Went out to 1637 people.
83 opened and 49 clicked.

Because I wasn't expecting much for $7 I didn't track conversions, but I did track hits. 

I grabbed some quick information off the site. 

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. We give you the best marketing platform to sell the hottest commodity online, and you get paid instantly!! Yes, no middle man..Straight up, you get paid on every sale you make, 100% commissions paid instantly to you!

Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic, without it, they are all dead in the water! That is what we provide, we give you the platform to sell it, you bring in the people or businesses that need it, and we help you make the sale.

You can make 100% commissions off of 7 different levels of traffic packages sales.

What You Get

All traffic package purchasers will receive internal and external advertising and traffic, using the following types of ads.

Traffic Package Benefits

  1. Text Ads
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Email Marketing/Solo ads
  4. A Public Profile Page
  5. A personal blog where you can post your own unique content (coming soon)
  6. Search Engine Traffic, Through Our Classified Ad Directory (coming soon)

Our packages are listed below complete with the impression count and number of times you can send solo ads, etc.

All traffic packages are one-time purchases, not monthly

Let’s build it Big With Skinny Body Care

Let's Do This Together. 

Here's my history with MLM. In 1995 I went to my first Amway hotel meeting. Didn't have a clue what what was going on. All I knew at the time, was I needed 2 circles to be rich. 

Surely I could find 2 people who wanted to buy soap from their own store and make money telling others about it. Boy was I wrong.

I pounded the pavement, knocked on doors hung out at malls and book stores prospecting people that got within 3 feet of me.

I posted flyers, put up yard signs. mailed post cards. Bought and called leads.

You name it, I did it.

Did those methods work? Sort of, I did set presentation appointments where I could draw my own circles, LOL.

Oh and I managed to make a whopping $60 in Amway.

But the MLM Bug had bit me and I was hooked.

Fast forward and I have been in and out of MLM programs like a growing baby goes through clothes.

I begin to develop skills.

I learned MLM the hard way, but I did began to develop some skills.

Saw my first $1200 commission check with a company called Excel (closed)

Built an orginazation in Nutrion for life (closed down)

Was earning around a $1000 a month in a company called ITI.  The Navy transfered me to Japan in 1999 and working ITI from there was not possible. (ITI closed down).

You probably notice a trend here of companies closing down and it happens.

But MLM is really where I seen true residual income. And there's a big difference between affiliate commissions and multi level commissions.

I still get a check from a company called GDI, my last one was only $118 but I stopped building that probably 5 or 6 years ago.

I'm not going to tell you “timing is right” or “I wasn't looking” or “I would use the products even if” or any of that other cliche MLM talk.

But I wll tell you that

#1. I want to get skinny

#2 I want to build an organization again.

#3. The powerline is attractive.

But you have to decide for your self.


What are the best leads for affiliate and network marketing.

My name Is Brian Davis and I'm on Internet marketer. I generate leads for the affiliate marketing and network marketing niche and I teach marketers how to generate leads.

The best lead is one that you generate through your own lead capture page. A lead capture page that has either your picture or video on it.

By a lead seeing your picture or video before opting in, you are immediately building a relationship with
that person.

People don't join business or programs, they join other people.

Do not buy leads.

Lead vendors will tell you to buy leads, because that is what they do. They generate generic opportunity
seeker leads and the resell them to you.

The problem with generic lead vendor leads are 

1. They filled out a form that may of had nothing
to do with what you are promoting.

2. Often they have no idea how they got on the
lead vendors list of leads to be sold.

I believe there is a time and place of bought leads, but they will never be the best leads.

The best leads will always be the ones that have filled out a form on your lead capture page. And
that page should have your picture and or video on it.

Your follow up messages should also have your picture at the bottom above your signature.

If you need help in creating a squeeze page and follow up messages that brand you, so you too can generate the best leads.

Brian Davis.