Leased Ad Space Review, Clowns.

LMAO, the clowns over at BehindMLM are at it again. Listen don't make your decision based off what the clowns over at behindmlm post. 99% of what they write is absolute nonsense. 

What behindmlm does, is they monitor sites or programs that pick up momentum in the internet marketing niche, in particularly the business opportunity side.

When they see a program ranking for traffic, they jump on the shirt tale. Behindmlm will write a post about the program, in this case Leased Ad Space with key words and phrases. 

Now I have to admit, and take my hat off to the fact that while behindmlm is full of crap, they do know SEO and they do know how to rank really fast for just about any program they wished to slander. 

That's my rant on and Leased Ad Space.

Video Proof Of My Results With Leased Ad Space

If you want some real proof on Leased Ad Space go here 

Richard Weberg is the owner and creator of LeasedAdSpace. There are no admin fees and there are no monthly fees. all money is paid directly member to member.  This is a real service. Thank You Richard Weberg for creating it.