Don’t Guarantee people signups when you can’t get them yourself.

I often surf safe list, list builders and other venues where internet marketers go to promote. I do this to get funnel ideas of my own. If I see something that catches my eye, I may save a screen shot and create a similar page later.

What I often see are marketers, who with good intentions offer things such as “Guaranteed 3 signups.” or “I'll Promote For You Until…” If you're doing this please consider stopping.

#1. It will attract only freebie seekers looking for a hand-out.
#2. It is impossible to maintain or do. (Ever wonder why NO successful marketer is doing it)

There are somethings you can do, but you need to be very confident in your funnel.

  1. You could make a guarantee that if your referral promotes and gets a certain number of verifiable hits to their page and doesn't get a lead or sale you will _____. Replace blank with whatever offer you want to make. But be careful,  $5 on a traffic exchange and they could get 1000's of hits.

If the owner of a program offers a guarantee of some kind, use that, but I'm strongly against making individual guarantees just to get people to opt-in.

Please leave comment if you agree or disagree.