The anatomy of a 100.00 per lead squeeze page.

I built 2 of my simplest squeeze pages using a free WYSIWYG HTML editor called NVU. u Arm chair quarterback with a list of about 50 people who never read their emails will probably take the pages a part and find all the faults.


  1. Form is too small
  2. Opt-in button too small and wrong color
  3. Video too big
  4. Headline too short.

But you can bet your rent or mortgage money that pages like this will get a 70% or more conversion in front of the right audience. And the pages load fast.

The video is actually from 2016, but relevant today, and unless I told you, most people don't even pick up on it.  The only issue with promoting a product that can help people make money online, is in the mentioning of income.

Not to get too far into simple headlines, but you'll notice I have Earn $100 a lead. The key word is earn. For some reason, there are people who actually take that one line “Earn $100 Per Lead!” to literally mean that all they have to do is get leads and each lead will pay them $100. And some would think they don't even need to get leads. It's baffling to say the least.

The upfront intent is to get as many people who visit your page to enter their details to learn more about you are promoting or selling.  The key after that has always been in the follow up and it starts with a good thank you page.

It's been said many times, that for the most part, people join people, not programs, systems or companies.

If you want me to do a video on how I made these pages, simply leave a comment below.

Make it a great day.

Brian Davis

Want to increase your lead flow by 400% With Cheaper Traffic?

Hey I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Going into 2018 I plan to focus a little more on funded proposals via low cost traffic.

What is a funded proposal? A funded proposal is basically a way for you to recoup money and time spent on advertising and promoting.

A funded proposal is usually something very inexpensive for your prospect that puts some cash back into your pockets that you can use to put back into promoting.

Here’s an example of a free system that also acts like a funded proposal.

  1. It gives your prospect something of real value.
  2. You can earn 6 to 526 per lead. (6 is more on the funded proposal amount, 526 are from those that see the light).
  3. It’s setup automatically for your prospect. (They get a username and password instantly).
  4. Free members pass all sales to you. We sort of call that getting rich from a lazy downline.

What is cheaper traffic?

To say cheaper traffic is probably a bad choice of words, because that may give a sense of untargeted or worthless website traffic but what I’m talking about is quite the opposite and that is safe-list and TE traffic when done right.

The lower costing traffic like safelist can actually be 100X’s more qualified than the more expensive solo ad traffic.

Reason I say that, is because solo ad traffic is usually made up of opportunity seekers with little to no experience in the make money online niche. As to where members of safelist are for the most part experienced.

Having said that, you may get far less leads with safelist but you’ll do a lot better if your program doesn’t compete with what they’re already doing.

Here’s a cheaper traffic source that I have always gotten great results from.

Cheaper Traffic I Use

If any of this made sense, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

PayPal Has A Money Pool – WTH?

For those of us who have been in the Earn Income Online Niche for awhile, we can recall when Paypal froze 10's of thousands of accounts. And online marketing companies that have used Paypal as a processor since it's inception in the late 90's were forced to find other merchant means to collect and payout to affiliates.

In 2015 Paypal froze my account with over $5K for 180 days. And to top it off I never got that account back.  I created a new one, and use it only one absolutely necessary and I keep no more than $200 max in it.

So, I log into my Paypal account and see this Money Pool. Wait, is this the same Paypal that was shutting and freezing funds of people that had accounts for over a decade because they were promoting a make money program? And now you can just write a story about how you need new 44″ mudder's for your monster truck and collect money.

What are your thoughts on Paypal and this money pool thing?

Sample Email Swipe For Safelists.

Here is an example email and method of promoting in safelist or other similar list builders.

Subject Line:  Earn Up To $1,520.00 Per Click, That We Send To This Done For You Funnel]

Body:  You Read Right. For Every Person That Clicks On Your Site And Becomes A Paid Member, You Could Earn Huge Payouts. We Have Been In The Trenches…

We give you private access this done for you funnel that's converting at 67.8% (industry average is like 5%)

Not only will we build you funnel like this one, but we also
send tier one clicks to your funnel, and place it in a life time co-Op!*

Promote any business, plus earn  $100$400 a $1000 a day, even if they never join your primary program. Not to mention the residuals and overrides commissions.

 We average 113 New leads a day with this. Of course all the leads generated through your funnel go on your list. 

Over 20.5 million network marketers in the US alone need this!

I Would Be Honored To Be Your Sponsor. Please Don't Let This Pass You By. Opt-in Above To Access Your 7 Day Free Trial.

Chat with you later
Brian Davis

Advertise To Millions, I just sent to millions of emails (all 100% OPT-in!)

I have the ultimate advertising package over at Advertisetomillions.

1. Email Markting Blast to 250,000 Readers You get 500k sent.

2. Contact Solo Ad sent to 315 Safelists!
This goes to 227,050 CONTACT email address of each list member. It does NOT go to the “subscribe” address, which is usually automatically deleted via junk email accounts.  It goes to the users PRIMARY address, which means your ad gets READ!

3. Entrepreneur Network Blast!
This is a brand new FREE bonus for you! We have a special group of USA only Entrepreneurs. All are looking for worthwhile opportunities. We'll place you in the Network and make sure the entire group sees what you have to offer. Every member is a DOUBLE OPT IN Subscriber!

4. 1,000 Guaranteed Re-directed Visitors!
TARGETED traffic! We plug your site into our MASSIVE Network
of contributing traffic sources and OUR traffic is diverted to YOUR web site!
Includes stat panel to view your visitor progress.

5. 1,000 Guaranteed Re-directed Visitors!
TARGETED traffic! We plug your site into our MASSIVE Network
of contributing traffic sources and OUR traffic is diverted to YOUR web site!
Includes stat panel to view your visitor progress.

6. 1,000 (30 second) Guaranteed Visitors!
They must stay on your site for at least 30 seconds or we won't count it as a hit!
…. Plus, every visitor is a certified Credit Card & Bank Account holder!

7. Daily Ad Blast (100 Days!)
This marketing gem could be worth $1,000's in Profit for you!
We gather 1,025 “opt in” prospects via our numerous sources across the net. These are exclusive prospects for you. (no one else gets to use them). We then send these prospects  a compelling message, DAY after DAY for 100 days! (powered by our dedicated servers!!)

8. Action takers BONUS Blasts!
Our state of the art software tracks all opens and clicks on your campaign. We then send to those prospects again (5 times) … at NO additional charge!

Traffic Token Review From Actual User.

Hi Brian Davis here. This is my personal review of Traffic Token. You will not find any links to join Traffic Token in this review. However; there may be links to Traffic Token in the comments.

I want to say very clearly. I am not saying that Traffic Token is a scam or that the traffic is bad. What I am saying, is the traffic is questionable with many red flags for what I wanted to use it for.

At first I wasn't tracking hits but only conversions. Traffic Token doesn't charge per click like you may find in a traditional solo ad. Over the years I have bought numerous solo ads. I know that sometimes you'll hit a home run, others you're lucky to even brake even.

With Traffic Token I noticed an unusual opt-in rate. And while I would like to think my capture pages are that good, I know when something fishy is going on.

I put up a video squeeze page made specifically for Traffic Token. I tracked from the time the lead hit the page, to the time their email was entered. All time stamped, with IP address.

What I noticed is in almost every case, is that from the time a Traffic Token lead landed on my video squeeze page, they entered their email within 3 to 5 seconds. And while I would like to think that my video is that good, it's unrealistic to expect people to opt-in 3 seconds after landing on the page.

With so many red flags, I created a page with nothing on it except and opt-in form. There was no writing, no head line, absolutely nothing on the page and yet people that came to the page via Traffic Token were entering their email. What I don't know is whether the emails are being injected via some type of script, or the people are being paid to fill out the forms.

I'll close with this. The folks at Traffic Token are really helpful. Their support is impeccable and I am not any way saying that they are willingly and knowingly promoting or misrepresenting the service. I believe that perhaps through shear numbers you may get a Traffic Token lead that actually converts to a paid member.

With that, I do not recommend traffic token if your goal is to promote an opportunity such as MLM, affiliate or make money from home program.

Chat with you later
Brian Davis

We all Need Traffic And Clicks. One Site I Use Is LeasedAdSpace.

One of the fastest ways to get clicks is to buy Solo Ads, however; those can become costly.

If you're not already a membe of leasedadspace, please join here.…

On, 21 August 2016, I finally decided to purchase the $7 ad package from Leasedadspace. I seen this quite a few times, but really didn't think much of it, after all what results can you really get from a $7 solo ad.

I really didn't expect much. Here are the results. Went out to 1637 people. 83 opened and 49 clicked. Because I wasn't expecting much for $7 I didn't track conversions, but I did track hits.

I grabbed some quick information off the site.

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. We give you the best marketing platform to sell the hottest commodity online, and you get paid instantly!! Yes, no middle man..Straight up, you get paid on every sale you make, 100% commissions paid instantly to you!

Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic, without it, they are all dead in the water! That is what we provide, we give you the platform to sell it, you bring in the people or businesses that need it, and we help you make the sale.

You can make 100% commissions off of 7 different levels of traffic packages sales. What You Get All traffic package purchasers will receive internal and external advertising and traffic, using the following types of ads. Traffic Package Benefits Text Ads Banner Ads Email Marketing/Solo ads A Public Profile Page A personal blog where you can post your own unique content (coming soon) Search Engine Traffic, Through Our Classified Ad Directory (coming soon) Our packages are listed below complete with the impression count and number of times you can send solo ads, etc. All traffic packages are one-time purchases, not monthly Leasedadspace Review……

Rambling About Bitcoin Funnel and Stuff…

LOL, Off the cuff un-planned videos sometimes turn out better than trying to be serious.

While waiting for another video to upload to YouTube, I decided to do a quick (9 minutes) video.

Basically I'm just shooting the shit while waiting on the other video to load.

I talk about building a BITCOIN funnel, and a few other funnel related things.

Check out


Make it a great day.

Brian K Davis